Does the Minges Natatorium facility need upgrades to meet Division 1 (FBS) standards?
A 2013 overhaul of the water filtration systems and air temperature control system have created an ideal competition and training environment. An indirect lighting system, along with improvements to the facilities acoustics and sound system was added in the summer of 2014. These recent updates have made Minges one of the nicest collegiate aquatic facilities in the state. Source: ECUPirates.com

Does ECU Swimming and Diving bring revenue to the school?
The student-athletes on the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams pay an estimated $800,000 in tuition annually to the university. Additionally, the NCAA provides $36,500 per sport each year, as well as $6,000 for each one of the teams’ 23 available scholarships. According to an independent analysis by sports economist Andy Schwarz, the swimming and diving programs are roughly revenue-neutral for the school and may actually provide a net profit. A significant amount of the university’s annual funding for swimming and diving scholarships is contributed by the East Carolina University Educational Foundation — the Pirate Club.

Are there other ways to fund the swimming and diving program?
Alumni and supporters of ECU Swimming and Diving have pledged more than $500,000 in donations to restore the teams, indicating a strong basis of support to make them financially viable to the university. In addition, there is the potential for new programs, such as age group swim camps, that would provide new revenue to support the teams’ ongoing needs.