Message from ECU Hall of Fame Coach Rick Kobe

Aug. 17, 2020

To all our Pirate Swimming and Diving alumni and friends:

All hands on deck! As everyone is well aware, these past several weeks have been very challenging as we try to get someone of authority to sit down with us and have a conversation on how we can bring our programs back. Our allies have made so many phone calls and sent an equal number of emails. We’re not giving up a fight. Believe me, they’ve heard us and know the passion that is behind our campaign.

We’re at a critical stage of the campaign and need to stay in front of the powers that be so they know we’re not going anywhere. We want to be like that annoying gnat that you can never get away from. For us to accomplish this, we need to amp up in a serious way our Action Fund ( GoFundMe ) account. This will allow us to continue the TV and radio ads, along with the signage and other efforts to make our message heard. All this takes money.

I’m asking everyone who sees this to give $100 to the Action Fund account within the next two weeks. I understand that many of you have already given to this account, but it needs to be reloaded. We’ll call it the $100 Gnat Challenge.

All you have to do is click here to give.

Let’s keep our fight out front for everyone to see. Remember that ECU will have a new chancellor soon, and he or she may be a little more sympathetic to our cause.

Let’s rock this challenge. If we can get everyone to give $100, we’ll be able to do all of these things throughout this coming academic year. They took something very special from us. LET’S GET IT BACK.

Coach Kobe